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The Lucchese Garden of Palazzo Pfanner

In the heart of Lucca lies the garden of Palazzo Pfanner, a sanctuary of 17th century, Baroque elegance and botanical beauty.

You're greeted by sculptures, fountains, and manicured lawns that embody the grandeur of Italian garden design. The layout features ornate statues and a majestic central fountain, showcasing the palazzo's elegance.

Stroll through the pathways and be captivated by hydrangeas in pastel shades of pink, lilac, and blue. These soft bursts of colour directly inspired the Rovi Lucca SS24 collection, embodied in light cotton Oxford Garden Jackets, Shirts, Bucket Hats, and Vests.

The garden holds deep cultural significance, having been a backdrop for many illustrious gatherings over the centuries. Today, it stands as a blend of nature, art, and history, inviting visitors to enjoy its peaceful ambiance.

If you have an eye for exquisite beauty and cultural richness, the garden of Palazzo Pfanner offers an unparalleled experience, a tranquil retreat in Lucca’s vibrant history.

We extend our thanks to the Pfanner family for their generous collaboration in the production of the Rovi Lucca SS24 campaign, photographed by Dariusz Jasak.